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Each day crypto traders use Coinremix reports to stay on top of trend data for the coins in their portfolio. You don’t need to be a data analysis expert to use our coin reports and leverage the insights contained within. Coinremix’s offerings are growing every day with more report types and coins being added regularly.

Track search interest in coins after they hit the exchanges

Make faster trade decisions using insights from our real-time coin reports. See trend, price and volume data—across different coins—in one place.

We've tracked Google Trends data against the price and trade volume of each coin. Our coin reports give you an unique insight into how search interest is impacting the performance of various coins.

Access in-depth technical ICO reviews

With more and more ICOs everyday the crypo landscape is getting more difficult to navigate. Our team of blockchain engineers create in-depth ICO reviews that enable investors across the world to help make sense of new blockchain projects and invest with more confidence.

Application of the proposed technology

Proposed blockchain projects are reviewed against a framework of key problem areas where blockchain can have signficant impact, this allows our team to codify each ICO against key areas of application.


Dragonchain provides a commercial platform for businesses to implement a private blockchain using existing serverless technologies.

Simple explanations of the technology

ICO whitepapers are often poorly written and include many vague details surrounding the underlying technology. Our blockchain engineers are experienced whitepaper reviewers and produce clear, concise explanations that can be read by anyone regardless of technical expertise.

Similar blockchain projects & competitors

Similar blockchain and centralized technologies are listed alongside potential competing ICOs to give a fuller picture of the landscape this ICO is entering.

Team composition & code health

Our team reviews the public code repositories for each ICO looking at commit histories and recency. Team members are reviewed for experience in relation to blockchain and the broader industry experience.

ICO process and operations

Key metrics about the ICO token sale and how the sale process will be caried out such as caps, whitelists, bonuses, KYC requirements, geo-restrictions, etc.

Compare how other popular crypto analysts are performing

We've been tracking a number of the leading crypto industry funds and review sites to see how they perform over time, we've gathered a number of stats on each one:

Total fund ROI

By evaluating the complete set of BUY and SPEC BUY recommendations for a given analyst against the performance of those ICOS we can produce a TOTAL, BUY and SPEC BUY ROI for each analyst.

Individual ICO rating and ROI

We've collected the recommendations for each ICO and recorded the performance to give an ROI value for each ICO reviewed.

Tracking all popular crypto analysts

We maintain up-to-date reviews on the most popular crypto analysts and funds, including:

  • Picolo Research
  • Crypto Crush
  • Cryptomoon
  • Hacked
  • Polychain capital
  • Pantera capital
  • Blockchain Capital

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No complex plans or levels to compare, gain access all of CoinRemix’s content for one simple payment.


Gain access to the entire archive of coin charts, ICO reviews and analyst performance comparisons.

Access to invitation-only social media groups to discuss crypto

Access members-only intel, analysis reports and partner deals.

What do I get access to?

You are getting unlimited access to our coin search reports, ICO reviews and analyst performance comparison reports. In addition you will recieve an invite to our invite only Facebook group and announcements for new offers and members-only reports.

Am I billed monthly or yearly?

Our plans are billed monthly. Your credit card will be automatically charged and an invoice sent every 30 days. You can cancel anytime and your account will remain active until the end of that 30 day period.

How can I pay?

You will need a Visa, Mastercard or American Express to pay for your subscription.

What if you're missing an alt coin I need?

We always aim to have a complete list of all the major alt coins, if you can't find a particular alt coin on the site just
drop us an email and we'll have it added real quick.